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An 8 pointer for an 8 year old

Leeza G.

I took my first deer, on my first ever deer hunt. My dad and I practiced with a muzzleloader about a week before the hunt. He wanted to make sure that I could hit the target. On the day of the hunt, we got up really early and drove to the deer property. We walked into the woods in total darkness so as not to spook any deer. We climbed into the blind at 5:30 in the morning.

Around 8:30, I felt my dad’s hand on my leg. I looked at him, and he was whispering for me to be silent. The deer I was hunting was standing 70 yards in front of us. I slowly and quietly slid over to my dad’s lap and put my gun on the shooting rest. He whispered for me to “take my time, and let the shot surprise me.” I pulled the trigger, and a large cloud of smoke filled the air.

When the smoke cleared, my deer was laying on the ground. I had dropped him in his tracks. We celebrated by taking pictures and drinking Gatorade.

Deer Hunter
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