Mission. Vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the health of our youth, natural resources and state by inspiring and enabling the next generation of passionate participants in North Carolina’s outdoor heritage activities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see that North Carolina’s great outdoor heritage is passed down to future generations with opportunities to enjoy activities that are accessible, abundant and conveniently located for all.

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Research shows that both children and adults benefit from being immersed in nature. The mind, body and imagination all benefit from outdoor play. And it shows that once a child develops an understanding of nature and the enjoyment it brings, they tend to care more for it. While it’s true you can learn about nature from websites or books—experiencing nature first-hand allows you to fully enjoy its beauty and wonder.

Just look around you; there are state parks, local parks and even your backyard to experience what nature has to offer.


There are many ways to get out and encounter nature in North Carolina—hiking, hunting, bird watching, canoeing or a simple walk outside. Adventures don’t always have to be some grand destination or cost a lot of money. There are free events and programs at your state parks, and many of your local city and towns offer monthly events. So check your calendar and mark your next adventure with the outdoors.


Walk. Hike. Paddle. Bike. Just get moving. The more you explore, the farther you will want to go. Being outside is suitable for a child’s well-being and overall health. With childhood obesity on the rise, getting out and merely walking can burn calories while creating a craving to explore more.